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Priestlands Field

Priestlands Field

 Our 2-3 acre park-like field is fenced with 1.4 metre high livestock fencing, making the area secure and dog-safe. Set against a picturesque location, Priestland's field is well connected to local footpath trails and has on-site parking. You and your dog are free to make use of our variety of agility equipment - perfect for dogs with selective recall, socialisation, rescue dogs, reactive dogs and training sessions.




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—  Kat

Emma’s training paddock is superb. Plenty of space for dogs to romp but also a perfect space to train unhindered by passers by or other dog walkers. You can pick parts of the paddock that are almost distraction free or you can remain close to the road and utilise passing people, cars and dogs as distractions to proof your existing training. Your dog is secure and safe and you can rest easy knowing that no one else's dog will charge you or disturb your time together.”



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