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What our clients have to say

Emma is a miracle worker. My rescue dog was reactive to everything esp other dogs and stressed out all the time. Now I have a calm, off lead dog who is starting to really enjoy her walks and her life with us. Thank you so much Emma for helping us to achieve the happiness little Bitsy deserves. Highly recommend Emma!


We went to Emma having more or less tried every other possible way of training and ultimately getting our dog to listen to us. I cannot begin to do justice the transformation it has had on all of our lives now we are through the training and 6 months on. Our dog is now off the lead, under control and the happiest he has never been. He is free to roam and we can now hold a coffee whilst being lead free! It was 100% the best decision we ever made to push through with this type of training and I couldn’t recommend it more!


Emma understands dogs and owners and is patient with both. She has enabled me to finally become the type of owner I want to be. Socks adored his sessions. She gives directions for us to work on in order to achieve realistic goals. She is a mine of information and a consummate problem solver. Thanks

- Alex 

Discovering Emma has saved our 2-year old Flatcoat from a lifetime of lead walks and us many years of misery. Her “prey drive” was so strongly developed by this Spring that we had to take action. Emma is great to deal with,  extremely professional and immediately made us feel confident that she could help and help she has! We are extremely grateful, Nancy’s recall is now exceptional and she can be a few feet away from a deer and look the other way! Extraordinary!  Thank you so much Emma for making lovely woodland walks enjoyable again.


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Emma, she has now worked with Rae to create a perfect dog off the lead, she is calmer, she stays closer, she is capable of having squirrels and deer walk nearby and not charge off. A real transformation. She was staring down the barrel of being on a long lead forever as she used to charge off for 10 minutes at a time which for a Great Dane is not great. She is now completely in control. Emma lives and breathes dogs and gets them, you immediately feel like you are in good hands. Thanks


I can’t recommend Emma enough, she is extremely knowledgable and experienced in dog training and behaviours. I just wish I had come to Emma first and saved myself time and money on previous dog trainers.


My dachshund is now muzzle trained, sleeping happily in her own bed, calmer being left alone and just generally a happier and more confident dog. I now have all the tools and understanding to know how to keep my dog safe from all situations and understand my dogs needs, likes and dislikes.


Go with Emma at Priestlands Dogs, you won’t regret it!!


My beautiful dog is pretty much perfect…in my eyes…apart from one major vice. Her prey drive is off the scale and after a near fatal incident where the deer she was chasing turned and attacked her, resulting in life-saving heart surgery (plus treatment for several fractured ribs and a gored hind leg!) I knew that I had to do something…and fast. Fully recovered some months later we saw Emma and embarked on a recall training course. Not only did Emma instill confidence but her methods worked very quickly. My dog absolutely loved her and she was soon able to go off lead with consistently reliable recall. I practised on my own after Emma was satisfied that I could replicate her training and now I can walk anywhere with total confidence that I can recall and stop my dog from ever repeating the horrific ordeal she endured. If you are thinking of doing any recall training (along with general good manners and behaviour!) I do not hesitate in recommending Emma. Her passion, knowledge and expertise has given my dog her freedom back to enjoy walking happily and safely. Thank you Emma from the both of us - we think you are the best!

- Susie

"Emma manages to combine a high level of professionalism with a friendly and approachable manner.  She developed an instant rapport with our rather wilful cocker spaniel and the progress Rosie has made through her training sessions with Emma is measurable. Rosie is now more self-disciplined and actually responds to our commands!  She clearly adores and respects Emma in equal measure.  Emma is also a wonderful source of information on all aspects of looking after a dog from taking out ticks, to advising on flea control, worming, diet and ways of keeping a dog stimulated.  Every dog owner and their dog should have some sessions with Emma."

—  Di

"Emma is extremely thorough in her approach to dealing with clients. An initial zoom meeting was very helpful and packed with useful advice. We then had one session on loose-lead walking and, with continuing hard work on our part, our walks with our 1 year old Golden Retriever have been transformed. Follow-up emails have also been really helpful and full of useful information. We can't thank Emma enough. She is a lovely lady to work with and goes above and beyond to ensure success."

—  Carol

"Emma has taught us a great deal in training our dog, particularly with loose lead walking and staying close.  Emma is very approachable and has been extremely generous with her advice and tips, and she goes out of her way to be helpful.  We have learnt so much from our training sessions with Emma and it has given us confidence to put into practice what we have been taught when out walking our dog.  It is truly inspirational to see Emma’s enthusiasm and her love of working with dogs!  Thank you, Emma, for everything you have done for us and our dog.”

—  Jo

"Emma has been an immense help with our on lead and long line walks, very encouraging, patient and understanding of dog, and owner behaviour.  Emma is acutely aware that every dog is different and will sometimes require different training techniques, she does not “take over” but listens and then tailors the session to the areas you want to work on.  The private field hire is an added bonus for anyone who keeps their dogs on lead - for practising recall, having a run around, even a little agility - all in a safe enclosed area."

—  Emma

"Emma’s knowledge of dogs is seriously impressive! Our training sessions have been perfectly tailored to our puppy and she’s up-skilled me to be more consistent with him. Reggie’s made great progress on focusing, loose lead walking and retrieving games. "

—  Laura

I have to say I’m very impressed with them from start to finish...AND afterwards! Instant results - I honestly can hardly recognise it's the same dog. The one that used to bark at everything and chase horses until she was kicked.

— Dom

“ Baxter came to us three years ago as a rescue dog with a CV that read “….boistrious with other dogs”.  This turned out to be an understatement.  We tried with a trainer who believed in rewarding positive behaviour but he was so wired & hyper, there was no starting point from which to gain positive behaviour around other dogs.  We were recommended to Emma by a friend who had similar issues with their dog. We had a Zoom meeting with Emma & were given ‘homework” for two weeks before we met in person. Within 24 hours we started to see a distinct improvement in his behaviour.  I cannot tell you the difference Emma’s training skills have made to Baxter & to us.  He really is a calmer, happier dog. We cannot recommend her highly enough.” 

—  Jenny

Emma is superb. she is friendly and easy to communicate with.  Most importantly, she is an incredibly skilled, highly knowledgeable trainer who is not only able to think outside of the box, but also puts the dogs welfare above spouting the usual politically charged buzzwords and jargon used by many trainers who have a habit of trying to draw people in with a lot of clever words and pseudoscience.  She is one of only a precious few people I would trust with my dogs.  I honestly cannot recommend Emma enough.”

—  Kat

“Walking with our puppy before we had Emma’s help was an absolute nightmare! She used to pull, stop, bark, and pick up every piece of litter that she saw.  We are so grateful for Emma’s help, and after just one session she has improved massively.  Emma’s leadership plan is also really helping her behaviour at home. We would highly recommend Emma to any dog owner and she will definitely be our first port of call when we need help in other areas that need improvement. Thanks Emma!"

—  Maria

Employing a dog trainer is not a quick fix or a short cut to the perfect puppy. It takes hard work and dedication at home too.  However, Emma is knowledgeable enough to give you the tools; strict enough to see you follow them; and compassionate enough to understand when you struggle. Emma’s passion for everything canine shines through. She’s a great sounding board and always happy to go the extra mile, on walks literally! I can’t recommend Emma highly enough."

—  Will

“Emma is a brilliant dog trainer. We have a very boisterous, stubborn and energetic 2 year old Labrador. Emma has helped us get to the bottom of the issues and establish a training plan that works for us personally. She is quick to spot the actual problem and offers a solution at the same time. Besides being a great dog trainer she is also super friendly, quick to respond to messages and very reliable. We can definitely recommend her!"

—  Tamara

“We had missed out on puppy training sessions due to the first lockdown and were at wits’ end with our Springer Spaniel puppy who pulled on lead like a steam train, had selective recall, was nervous in temperament around other dogs and had no sense of boundaries. Just in two sessions I had a different dog. I can’t recommend Emma enough."

—  Shubra

“Emma is absolutely fab! Thanks to her training we are better trained humans and have a calmer dog! As a first time dog owner, we needed help! Emma was not judgmental, kind and so helpful! Her calm demeanour is perfect! She reads dogs so well and is great with our dog! We can not  recommend her enough!"

—  Debs

Emma has totally transformed not only our walks but also our understanding of our dog. I would highly recommend her. When we first started, Harris was pulling on the lead, displaying high prey drive and showing absolutely no impulse control around other dogs. Very quickly, Emma established an impressive rapport with him and we haven't looked back. She has given us a clear plan of action, and in turn we've learned a huge amount and now feel totally confident to walk him anywhere.

- Emma 

"I really can’t recommend Emma Newth-West highly enough for the skill and care she has shown to me and my dogs. Emma really helped me last year when my black Labrador Buzzy was approaching the end of his life. She helped me by walking my other dog but always took the time to cuddle and fuss my old Labrador so he wasn’t left out.   She also listened and supported me when I had to say good bye to Buzzy. She really was so kind and supportive at such a sad time. Since then, Emma has spent a lot of time extending her professional training and skills. She has also helped me a lot with my new Labrador pup, by helping me gain control on a lead and is always knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I have about training my pup. Emma also still walks my springer when needed and is absolutely trust worthy and reliable. I highly recommend Emma." 

—  Anne

"Emma has been such a useful resource for us and very generous with her time and knowledge. We have a few main behavioural niggles with our young dog and Emma has given very clear direction for us to put into practice. She always follows up with handy notes and tips, which we're also very grateful for.  As novice dog owners, it's a real joy to see her natural confidence and instinct for all manner of dog issues." 

—  Josefine


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