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Friends of the Business

The Treat Pantry

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Additive free, grain free and 100% natural treats - which dogs love! A family run business, based a stone’s throw away from Priestlands Dogs, providing tasty high-value treats which Emma uses in her training as rewards on a daily basis. Everyone likes to come to work if they get paid, and what better way for a dog to get paid than in treats! up general obedience whilst your dog stays with them.

Dogs About Town


Jo and her team at Dogs About Town have a great range of the best quality raw dog food & treats plus a small collection of fabulous accessories to keep your dog happy. They say “you are what you eat”- we all know how much our diet and lifestyle can affect our wellbeing, energy levels and concentration...the same goes for dogs. Swapping your dog onto a natural, complete and species appropriate diet often has hugely dramatic results for the better, and Jo and her team are on hand to ensure a smooth transition and future with raw food. 


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Penn Street, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom

077 357 956 02

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