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Priestland's Dogs offers a wide range of training services, each tailored to you and your dogs' needs. Every training pathway begins with a free telephone consultation and questionnaire. 

I'm interested in...

Behavioural Rehabilitation

An in-depth, holistic and bespoke approach to specific issues and problem behaviour

I'm looking for...

Dog Training

We offer regular blocks of 1-2-1 training sessions, as well as a recall bootcamp

Welcoming a new puppy?

Start Right Puppy Clinic

Flexible sessions, perfect for prospective, first-time or new puppy owners 

In need of

Recall Bootcamp

For dogs who chase moving objects, or charge off on their own agenda

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Our approach

A whole-picture approach means looking at the dog's home environment, current routine, diet, lifestyle, breed characteristics, and most importantly - their relationship with you and their handlers!

Aggression Training tackles issues such as

  • Lunging towards, barking at, growling or reacting to other dogs

  • Aggression towards people

  • Fearful aggression (moving forward from past trauma)

  • Territorial behaviour

  • Resource guarding (guarding objects, growling or snapping if approached)


Non- aggression behaviours consulting tackles

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Destructive behaviour in the home

  • Car / Travel Phobia

  • Reactivity to traffic / moving objects




Aggression consultation, temperament testing, diagnosis and report



Follow Up Sessions per hour

Non Aggressive behaviour consultation, temperament testing, diagnosis and report





Follow Up Sessions per hour


Following the initial telephone consultation, we will arrange a home visit . You can expect this to last 2-3 hours, starting off with an in-depth consultation - not dissimilar to a therapy session.



Temperament Testing - seeing the problem presented first hand (with stooge dogs if necessary), first with minimal interaction, then revisiting the behaviour with suggested changes in place.

Following the consult and testing you will be sent a full report - including diagnosis of the issue at hand and a bespoke action plan going forward.(Report includes a diagnosis of the problem, plans going forward, summaries of advice demonstrated - to name a few).

Dog Training

One 2 One training Sessions

We offer real life training in a location suited to your dog and lifestyle; tackling issues such as:

  • Selective Recall

  • Going out of sight

  • Off-lead heelwork 

  • Scavenging for food on walks

  • Lack of focus around other dogs

  • Over-excitement around distractions


Initially, I provide a 30 minute telephone consultation, free of charge to make a training plan suitable for your needs. From here, I will recommended a block of training sessions (which we can shorten or lengthen if necessary) depending on your dogs' background, current difficulties, and drive levels. Each session is followed up by a written report, covering what was discussed and setting you up to continue your journey in the right direction.

30 minute


Free Phone Consultation



Per Hour Session

4 Sessions - Save £40




6 Sessions - Save £60



8 Sessions - Save £80


Start Right Puppy Clinic

Recall Bootcamp


Recall Bootcamp

—  Tamara

“Emma is a brilliant dog trainer. We have a very boisterous, stubborn and energetic 2 year old Labrador. Emma has helped us get to the bottom of the issues and establish a training plan that works for us personally. She is quick to spot the actual problem and offers a solution at the same time. ”



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